In case of illness always consult an expert in the regular health care. My therapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment but a supplement. I reserve the right to refuse a session. I do not offer miracles and I'm not part of a religious sect. All my sessions are confidential. I do not socialize with my clients. We do not maintain a business or friendly relationship.


Research from the Ministry of Security and Justice showed no objection to the issue of a VOG (statement of conduct). This takes into account the risk to society in connection with the purpose for which this declaration has been requested. The research focused on the specific screening profile Health and welfare of humans and animals. On the basis of Article 28 of the Criminal Justice Act, the statement of conduct was issued on September 25, 2014. This statement has been consulted with the professional association F.A.G.T.

Complaints and disciplinary law for the client

My practice complies with the law on unfair commercial practices. For further information on disciplinary law, please refer to: Zorggeschil Foundation.

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