In 2012 I succesfully graduated as a Life Therapist at School of Life, Education Institute for Life Therapy and I have done various body-based trauma training courses (Somatic Experiencing®, NLP, TRE). Due to my life experience and my thorough education, I am able to offer a high degree of safety (containment).

I Am

After eight difficult years in my youth as a kid, I ended up in a foster family. I have thoroughly transformed and integrated my development as a human being and my own therapy process. I have specialized in doing trauma therapy. I can very well take care of deep therapeutic safety, the basis for any transformation.

In my life I have regularly been on a vital crosspoint. From an early age I grew up in an uncertain and unsafe environment. It was a time of constant change and turmoil. Fortunately, in my mind there was always something unchanged! Safety is not something you get from outside or because of  someone who tells you that it is.


Training and courses

- Life Therapy, School of Life (2008-2013)

- Somatic Experiencing,  (2010-2011)

- HBO medical basic knowledge, HVA (2011)

- Working with DSM, Amersfoort (2011)

- NLP (A), Amsterdam (2011)

- TRE (A), trauma release nl (2012)

- Non-violent communication (A), Rotterdam, (2016)

- Ho'oponopono, Amsterdam (2016)

- Transference & Countertransference, Bivt, (2017)

- Initiation into four Pillars of Tantra (NL) (2017)

- Cultivating Emotional Balance & Mindfulness (2017)

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     'I realized that from the moment I've been in your practise, my feelings of fear are greatly reduced, and still I'm not bothered. I don't know exactly what you've done, but you "worked" at the right time at my "problem'

Client, 38yr.

"It's safe in me, a hidden space that's always felt available. It's this sacred space in me that keeps me moving and developing."

Michael Moorthaemer