"Seeing is believing..."

The circumstances in which you live do not determine your reality, even though we are very likely to indicate something or someone as proof of the happiness that we seem to have come across. How you feel about it and how you decide to deal with it, creates your reality.*


Scientific research has shown that how you feel is giving shape to your outside world. Consider what this insight may teach you? Your former believe may be "See, I can't do anything about it!" and now it may switch to "I will take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life!". Your consciousness switch from being an unconscious victim into a conscious creator of your life.

This significant change and how you can express yourself in this conscious way in your life that's were Life therapy can assist you.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall"

Life therapy can support and change your way of doing and how you feel about it. Together we analyse your living conditions and I will mirror it back to you. Your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being is inextricably linked to the vision of Life Therapy. By practising Life Therapy, for example, seeing yourself change from an obstructive belief, a painful feeling or stagnated (bodily) energy, happiness and flow can emerge and a new reality will be manifested.


     'A lot of beautiful but also less beautiful events crossed my path. The negative events, feelings and patterns drew me to the point that the fun things were not strong enough to pull me out of this valley. After several sessions, I started feeling better about myself... Everything during a session had a meaning, that became clear to me and I really could work with that in my life!'

Client, 31yr.

"It takes one to know one…"

If there are repeated negative or painful events in your life, good results and/or relief can be achieved by doing Life Therapy. Breaking certain patterns of life alone can be experienced as difficult. Four eyes see more than two?

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"I spy with my little eye something..."

By this way of "working" with yourself by means of doing Life Therapy, to find out that you are the one in charge of shaping your own life, creating new and more life fulfilling opportunities is motivating and fun. This essential change will get you in touch with your true essence. No but's and I can't... anymore, beyond this point, anything is possible.

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     'The session felt timeless, in which I forgot everything and descended into myself. And when you descend in yourself, you'll find answers. Thank you for seeing me!'

Client, 28yr