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     'The direct experience is the sense of silence that surrounded me while doing therapy, I also felt relaxed'

Client, 46yr.


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When a first visit to my practice takes place, the following points are discussed:

         - complaint(s), request(s), issue(s)

         - disease history

         - nutrition and living habits

         - energy level

         - psychosocial backgrounds

         - emotional backgrounds

         - psychosomatic complaints

Based on the findings, a treatment plan is drawn up in consultation. Follow-up agreements will be made, if necessary, after which the evaluation of the sessions will follow.

During a session, you can do therapy in the following ways:

- body and touch-oriented and other physical exercises, for example breathing and grounding exercises.

- exploring and learning how to recognize emotions. The client learns to express emotions and recognizes the underlying motive. The goal is to integrate the emotion into healthy behavior.

- the client is mirrored mentally, through insightful dialogue and learns to coop and adopt a new reality.

- reading or healing can be given.

- through dialogue and/or meditation exercises (e.g. Mindfulness), the client can improve his relationship with himself and gain insight into his total human being and life mission/Soul purpose.

- Understand the client's social context through dialogue and practice regarding the disturbance of one of his social systems. (Parents, friends, work, colleagues etc.)

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