The full consultation fee will be charged if:

- the session has not been canceled by you in time, i.e. 48 hours in advance.

- you don't show up.

- If you come too late.

-The therapy session takes place at the agreed time.

- This agreement is binding on both parties.

- With respect to the next client, it is important that there is a spacious safe time of arrival and departure.

- A session takes a certain agreed time.

- In the agreed time, you must arrive and leave again when the session is complete.

- Before and after the session there is enough time for an anonymous arrival and departure.

- If you are unexpectedly prevented for a session, you can cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

- In case of illness always consult an expert in the regular health care.

- My therapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment but a supplement.

- I reserve the right to refuse a session.

- I do not offer miracles and I'm not part of a religious sect.

- All my sessions and their content are confidential.

- I do not socialize with my clients, nor does this mean social media contact.

- We maintain no business or friendly relationship.

- The treatments are almost always (partially) reimbursed by health insurers, provided you are insured for alternative medicine.

- your Invoice has to be paid within 14 days.


Unexpected situations can always occur.

My intention is that what unfolds beforehand, during or after a session is always in your highest interest as a client. This means that there may be a relationship between what happens to you as a client and your help question. This kind of situation(s) can be discussed during a therapy session.

Complaints and disciplinary law for the client

As a therapist, I will do my utmost best to treat patients with the greatest possible integrity, almost always to my customers satisfaction. However, you may or may not think that, as a therapist, I did not act properly for any reason Have.

As a FAGT registered therapist, I am obliged from the WKKGZ law to be affiliated with an independent complaints officer via Quasir and the Disputes Board of the Zorggeschil Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In addition, I am registered in the TCZ / RBCZ register, where disciplinary law is organized.

In case of a complaint, you can take the steps described below:

1. Contact me and fix the problem. We can then look together for a solution.

2. If such a conversation does not have the desired result, you can contact Quasir. An independent complaint officer will guide you in this process.

3. If the complaints officer has not led to the desired result, then there is the possibility of a disputes commission, the Zorggeschil Foundation. Your complaint officer can assist you.

Do you have a question or a comment?

Then you can fill out this form. I ask you to describe your question, comment or report as carefully as possible. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.


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