This body-based trauma therapy method is based on the idea that a traumatic event for the body was too big to process naturally, and this feeling of helplessness has embedded itself in the body as a negative, destructive energy. It is precisely this setting of highly charged negative energy that causes physical, emotional and psychological problems, sometimes even months after the traumatic event. The body no longer reacts primarily to the event, but to the high load of energy that's been stuck.


     'I've been looking so hard to find the right therapy for me, then this kind of therapy came on my path. It felt very familiar and safe'

Male 55yr.

Natural stress discharge?

The process of natural, physical stress discharges, many people have forgotten. Because of our evolution as a "human being" in our busy society, we are more in our minds than we experience our body. Combined with a traumatic event, this can cause all kinds of restrictive beliefs, feelings of inferiority, shame, guilt and fear. These can properly prevent our natural discharge reaction. Without this discharge, physical and psychological deficiencies can occur in the short or long term, which can express themselves in social, emotional and physical discomfort. There is a shock or developmental strain. This is evident in:

- Shortness of breath, wheezing heart, hyperactivity, irritability, vigilance, restlessness, sleep poorly.

- Narrow experience of feelings, dissociate, do not experience the body as a whole.

- Selectively remember or totally 'forgeting', denying that a trauma has occurred.

- Helplessness, fatigue, powerlessness, depression, muscle tone relaxation, addiction, social alienation.

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Body-directed trauma therapy Amsterdam

A trauma therapy session consists of a dialogue with the body's emotional world, touch and / or body exercises with the client. Body reactions from the client make it possible, even after years, to allow natural stress discharge, e.g. by shaking, warm and cold body sensations, palpitations or by making uncontrolled movements. It is precisely this kind of uncontrolled movements and body reactions that cause the body to reset. The feeling after this natural stress discharge is often experienced as very relaxed, super-well-grounded. A general sense of well-being and insight entails the content to be alive. It often provides great insights about how life is to be lived and celebrated. Of course this kind of experience can be experienced different, w're unique beings, so is our experience!

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     'His approach is with patience and I felt very safe. After the sessions, I felt powerful and I was not overwhelmed by it. I could open the lock to a new level in my life."Happiness and comfort". I'm grateful'

Client, 29yr.